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Calm weather might be looking promising for your venture. Risks, monsters and other perils are lurking in the open sea.

We will stay at your side and pilot you.


Professional Project Management

From the defined scope and project success definitions to the project closure professional project management is never an easy journey. Tools and steps according to IPMA or other standards will help you to handle the risks as soon as they come in sight.

Whatever methology you are applying - V-modell or agile - poper planning of schedule and cost is the first step of the journey.

However in the end the personal commitment of a motivated team is what counts to have success.

Challenging Development Projects

Today the transportation and automotive sector is changing rapidly. WIth the upcoming of automomous driving from level 1 to level 4 and e-mobility vehicles are needed with high demands of cost, quality, safety and adaptility.

Our 20 year old experience of technical leadership in the automotive, rail and off-high vehicle industries is a key factor to support your success.

We know the new standards of ISO 26268 or 50128. We work according to ASpice and tracebility. From requirements analysis to industrialization of a new product or a variation.

No matter if developing a full train or a ECU.

Challenging New Products

Projects lead to new products. We support you also with the definition and execution of a program. Calculation and projecting business cases and rolling out roadmaps.

Donot be afraid of cost reduction programs.

Challenging Crisis Interventions

More then ever the world is dynamic. Projects especially. Things go wrong and need to be fixed.

Call on us to care for you.

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